Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treating with a Diabetic

I'm not going to pretend to be an expert here, because really, I have no idea how this is going to work. Last year was a breeze because Mia didn't care. This year is an entirely different situation. She gets it. Halloween now equals skipping house to house, singing twick o tweet! and getting a bunch of sugary goodness. A big pile of it - the most she's ever seen!

Growing up all my parents had to worry about on Halloween night was razor blades and reckless drivers. I worry about blood sugar too, and breaking someone's little heart when she's told she can't eat all that candy at once. I'm thinking the best way to go about this is to let her choose two candies. The rest will go into hibernation somewhere and surface as after dinner treats now and then. I'm sure we'll keep a lot of it for lows too. Luckily Mia's endocrinologist handed us a two-page list of carb counts for just about every candy you can imagine, so that will help tremendously with boluses. Hopefully we can keep the blood sugar train from derailing.


CBIN said...

I kept thinking about Mia last night while we were out Trick or Treating (Utah has to celebrate on Saturday)I am trying to limit Jacks sugar intake during the holidays just for his health and here's what I came up with. Jack's dentist has a "Cash for Candy" program. On Monday we are going to take his candy in to the dentist and trade it all in. Then we will take him to the Dollar Store to spend his $. Last night I kept telling him how much money he was getting by going to the houses. He seemed pretty excited and we have been able to only give out a couple pieces so far...

Marisa said...

Christi that's a great idea! I wonder if Dr. Copeland's office does that. I'm going to call around tomorrow. Have a safe and fun Halloween! Give those boys a big hug from us

sarasarasara said...

you know you could go stock up on some sugar free candy for her and switch it out after she's asleep tonight. my next door neighbor's son was diabetic (they moved a couple of years ago) and i bought special candy for him.

i also know some parents that switch the candy out for their kids. let them trade so much candy in for a special toy or something.

good luck tonight!

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