Thursday, October 7, 2010

It doesn't define her.

Sandboxes. Monkey bars. Giggle snorts. Tea parties. Pirouettes. Pom-poms. Pigtails. Catching a ball. ABCs. Bubble beards. Horseyback rides. High fives. Chasing bugs. Yummy tummy kisses. Bedtime stories. Getting the sillies out. Somersaults. Puddles. Rainbows. Glow in the dark stars. Playdoh. Finger painting. Messy faces. Sparkly shoes. Princess dresses. Conversations on her play phone. Picking flowers. Playing in the dirt. Toothy grins. Jumping on the couch. Stirring the ingredients. Reaching the light switches. Putting on clothes all by herself. Lunch with friends. Twinkle, twinkle little star. Baby brotha!!!! Daddy Dino. Dancing to Mommy's favorite song. Grandma's rice. Hiding treats from the pets. Saturday morning snuggles. Holding hands. Spinning round and round. Holidays. Telling us I love you oh so very much. Being 3.


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