Friday, October 8, 2010

Florida is Asking for Forgiveness

Just wanted to give the Sunshine State a little credit. All baseball teams and sexual offenders aside, the weather has been absolutely perfect so far this October. Clear blue skies, gentle breezes and ZERO humidity. I was up this morning before sunrise enjoying coffee on the porch with Pete and had to dig out a hoodie - could only find maternity but whatever. It was cold enough to see our breath. So thank you Florida for the break in swamp ass. My family is completely vitamin D deficient from spending most of the last several months in the AC. It's been nice to get outside again and not feel an impending stroke. Here's to hoping the crisp temperatures linger, and I haven't just jinxed us all into a blistering hell within the path of a catastrophic hurricane.

Some Florida-esque Etsy finds I wanted to share -
I'm not sure what this is exactly but it looks super awesome and I want one for Kai's room.

You can grab one too here. I love this one for Mia.
And be sure to click on these other items that remind me of home:


BabyPop said...

cute post love the boat box very sweet item. Thanks for introduceing me to all these great sellers.

Marisa said...

you're welcome! thanks!

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