Saturday, October 23, 2010

Make Do & Mend

The last couple days have been tough for those of us in the type 1 community, so I thought I'd follow up the blog with a dose of bright and cheery. Happy thoughts, happy things. It's going to be a wonderful weekend - took Mia and Kai to the Disney store yesterday to get their Halloween costumes. Of course Mia wore her Belle princess dress for approx. 4 hours before Daddy could bribe her out of it for bed. And Kai wore his Toy Story Rex for 4 minutes before he'd had enough. Today we're hoping to head to one of the big pumpkin patches outside town, and tomorrow sounds about right for a little trip to the Children's Museum. Throw some football in the mix and we're good. What's everyone else up to?

Check out this pretty journal here and some other sunny Etsy finds below.


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