Monday, November 22, 2010

Pretty things I do not wear

Every now and then I pop on over to Mod Cloth to torture myself.  They have a bajillion dresses, anywhere from about $40 to $130, all sweet and feminine and flirty.  One of these days I will say goodbye to my collection of Old Navy tank tops, hoodies, yoga pants and busted up flip flops! I will be one of those moms, one of the ones you wonder how in babypukehell they manage to look so put together. I get all excited just to grab a shower in the morning and make it out the door without having peanut butter smeared down my leg.


Jen said...

I have never seen this site before..thanks for introducing me to it! Those dresses are so cute! I too hope I can be one of those well put together mamas someday! For now..I am sticking to my jeans and t's! I found your blog through Leighann and I wanted to say hello. My son Addison was 15 months old when he was diagnosed with type 1 in 2008. I am looking forward to reading more of your blog and getting to know you and your family..

Amy said...

Hi Marisa! Found your sweet site through D-Tales and have been having a great time reading through your archives.

I, too, would love to be 'put together'. For now I will aspire to hop on over to that site a drool a little bit ;)

Amy - mom to Ellie, 8yo diagnosed T1 9/26/10

Marisa said...

Hi Jen and Amy! So glad you found my blog. I am sorry type one parenting is our common bond though :( - I wish it could be winning the lottery instead. Hoping my blog can provide some comic relief and reassurance for you both on the bad days. How are your children doing? Anyway as you see, I love me some retail therapy. Or I guess retail wishing is more like it, lol.

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