Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Okay the guilt I've felt for not updating this site has been TREMENDOUS. It's been so long I'm wondering if I even know how to do this anymore - no really - what happened to the tool bar? And what is with this font? Something is amidst. I don't even see my spell checker. So I apologize if this suddenly seems like I'm blogging under the influence, which I should probably try someday...

Did everyone have a happy holiday season in 2010? I think the last time I posted I was rejoicing that everyone was feeling better from the bubonic plague in our household. But oh no, it came back for more. And then a little more after that. Whatever that sickness was was no joke and we were all such babies, lol (speaking of me and Pete here). We were literally sick, horribly sick from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Feliz Navidad, my butt. I think we've paid our dues but that didn't stop me from hosing the kids down with that natural hand sanitizer stuff every waking moment we were at the kids museum today. I was one of those moms. But I swear if Kai smeared his mouth across one more thing in that place I was going to have a break down.

I have other things to add but wanted to share a link Pete sent me before it gets too late. It gives me new hope in 2011. We sat around talking the other day about what we would do if there was suddenly a cure for diabetes. People talk about what they would do if they won the lottery but this is our lottery. I think we'd cry the happiest tears ever. We'd scream too, like the jumping up and down-type screaming you did in middle school when the coolest thing in the world happened. We'd throw a BIG party. One for Mia. And one for us (with Mia and Kai at Grandma and Grandpa's). And we'd take Mia to the Bern's Dessert Room and say baby girl, you can have whatever you want. Whatever you want, and it won't make you sick anymore.


Amy said...

Marisa - I love the analogy of acting like you just hit the JackPot Lotto or something. When A cure is announced; yes, we would get that excited, and then some!

So glad you posted!!! I was starting to worry about my gumdrop blogging friend ;)

Hope your home and family rid the germs and crud that seem to be plaguing the D-community as of late!

Choosing Joy in 2011, Amy

Marisa said...

Hey Amy! Mia woke at 5:30 am sobbing and burning up with a mild fever. Bleh. So we are on our second viewing of Princess and the Frog today, trying to keep blood sugar down (300s) and spirits up. Not sure what's wrong, probably just the beginnings of a cold, but poor girl is miserable. So sad.

Hope all is well with you and your family - Marisa

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