Monday, December 13, 2010

I suppose there is still time!

OK I meant to post this weeks ago. But we have had some sort of bubonic plague rip through our home.  Again!  And it's been relentless.  Just when Pete and I think it's over another cycle of it begins, takes on different ugly forms.  Has anyone caught that Walking Dead show?  Well that's us.  We have the fever.

Anyhoo here are some cool things I found for kids on Etsy, in case you're still looking. Most sellers ship super quick so I bet if you shopped now you could have it in another week, with plenty of time to wrap and stick under the tree.

Hope everyone is in good health, staying warm and crossing a lot of their lists.  We still haven't even done pics for cards yet, which is hilarious considering all the sessions I did for friends.  Oh well.  Ours just may be New Years cards.

From the top left:


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